The Last War raged for generations, reshaping the face of Khorvaire. Armies clashed and territory changed hands faster than the cartographers could track. And then came the Day of Mourning – in hours, the nation of Cyre was wiped from the face of Eberron by magic that even now, no one understands. The cataclysm stunned the warring nations of Khorvaire into silence long enough for them to sign the Treaty of Thronehold, bringing an end to the war.

At least on paper. In truth, the conflict rages on – the roar of battles replaced by silent knives in the dark. The nation of Breland is surrounded on all sides by enemies – the monstrous nations of Droaam and Darguun to the east and west, and to the north, Thrane and Aundair. Old tensions and animosities did not die with the Treaty, and many nations would happily take what Breland strives to keep.

In these troubled times, five things keep Breland safe from her enemies. The King’s Shields protect the royal family, the King’s Swords are the finest commandos in southern Khorvaire, The King’s Wands employ the best mages in the nation, the Dark Lanterns have an intelligence network spanning the continent, and the Shadows deal with internal threats to the nation.

In the darkness behind them all stand the Wraiths.

Campaign Rules

Wraith Team Six

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