Campaign Rules

Custom Rules

  • Complications: Whenever a player rolls a 1, they get an action point and the GM gets a Complication. The GM can spend Complications immediately or at some later point in that mission to add a new element into the current scene – something the party didn’t know about in advance, and that will make their lives more difficult.
  • Action Points: There is no limit on how many action points a player may spend per combat.
Character Building Restrictions

The following races are not available:

  • Thri-Kreen
  • Mul

The following classes are not available:

  • Vampire

The following themes are not available:

  • All Dark Sun themes


Standard Loadout

All Wraith team members get the following equipment automatically at level 1. Any consumables in this list are replenished after each mission, and any gear from this list that is lost of broken will be replaced:

  • One set of Magic Armor +1 appropriate to their class
  • Any two of the following:
    • One melee Magic Weapon +1
    • One ranged Magic Weapon +1, with 30 units of ammunition if appropriate
    • One Magic Implement +1 appropriate to their class
  • One Elven Cloak +2
  • One pair of Elven Boots
  • One Bag of Holding
  • Two Potions of Healing
  • One Backpack
  • Flint and Steel
  • 50 ft. of Black Silk Rope
  • One Grappling Hook
  • Two Flasks
  • One SpellCom Omnilens

In addition to the standard gear package, Wraiths may equip any additional equipment they own, but SpellCom is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, personal equipment.

Requisitioned Gear

Before each mission, each Wraith team member may requisition additional gear with a total item level of no more than their character’s level (So a level 10 character could requisition one 4th level item and two 3rd level ones). Gear requisitioned by team members must be of Common rarity.

In addition, the team leader may requisition additional gear for the team, using the table below. Each slot allows for requisitioning a single item of the team leader’s level or lower. These can be distributed to any team member, and may be of Uncommon rarity. The team leader may instead use any of these requisition slots to coordinate support magic from the SpellCom mages. See below for information on support magic.

Team Leader Requisition Slots

Team Leader Level Slots
1-3 1
4-6 2
7-9 3
10-12 4
13-15 5
16-18 6
19-21 7
22-24 8
25-27 9
28-30 10
Support magic

The team leader can choose to use their requisition slots on Support Magic instead of gear. Each slot spent may buy one of the following for that mission. Note that there are other support magic rituals both developed and being researched, but they are currently highly classified.

Field Intel: The team leader gains the following power:

Field Intel
Support Magic 1

In response to the Wraith leader verbally requesting tactical information on a target in their field of vision, the mages at Spellcaster Command quickly deliver relevant intelligence via the Omnilens.

Encounter ♦ Arcane
Minor Action    Personal
Target: One creature or object within your line of sight.
Effect: At the start of your next turn, you recieve information via your Omnilens about the target of your query. This information is whatever SpellCom deems most relevant to the current situation.

Emergency Requisition: The team leader gains the following power (note that this is once per mission, not per day):

Emergency Requisition
Support Magic 1

The best tool for the job, delivered via a precisely placed True Portal ritual.

Mission ♦ Arcane
Minor Action    Personal
Special: When using this power, name a single item (magical or otherwise) that can fit in a single square. The named item’s level must be equal to or lower than half your current level, rounded up.
Effect: Roll 2d6+6. The result is the number of rounds it will take for the item to appear. At the start of your turn on the final round, the item appears in a space within a close burst 3 of your current position.

Campaign Rules

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